Urban Wet Ground

For those who do not retreat in front of a chilly and rainy night and who manage to separate themselves from an ordinary point of view to see beyond the surface, the ground of our streets can appear full of fascinating surprises.
Through city lights revealed by a winter rain, exploring the textures of our avenues allows us to glimpse an abstract world where raw concrete materials mix with dreamy and dazzling reflections. Somewhere between solidity and fragility, heaviness and lightness, the bright light splits the darkness and highlights sensitive and subtle forms, far from all reality.
An amazing discovery that takes us into an enchanting, almost magical universe.
As we wander, our gaze loves to lose itself in the immensity of the universe that is offered to us. And that’s how the ordinary becomes extraordinary…
By simply observing the ground under our feet, we end up reaching the stars.
These are the pre-series of a photographic project to come…